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A great product for cleaning your vehicles engine

See what some previous customers think to our revolutionary Terraclean services.

You car will be running with better efficiency and performance thanks to the advanced decarbonising techniques we use.

Peugeot 307 HDI

Terraclean, The miracle worker!

My Peugeot 307 HDI was dying and a friend told me to give Clive Jones a call for a de-carbonising treatment. I phoned Clive who arranged to visit me the next day at my work address. That night while driving home a pipe burst releasing air from a pressure sensor and the car would not drive at more than 15mph. I phoned Clive again and explained what had happened and he said he would make a few phone calls to see if Terraclean could still work with the poor state of the engine.
When Clive rang back he said he couldn't guarantee that the system would be able to run properly but it would obviously help to clean the other parts providing the engine was running. He said it was up to me if I wanted to give it a go.I could not drive the car so thought I would give it a try and Clive re-arranged to come to my home that morning. I really was sceptical and nearly phoned to cancel when I was told by a local mechanic the DPF was blocked and it would cost me about £250 to have it cleaned or £600 to replace it.
When Clive linked his system up to my car it was not running well and I felt this was going to be a total waste of time. After 5 minutes there was a notable difference in the sound of the engine and then smoke started appearing from the exhaust and over the next hour everything just got better and better even the hissing from the pressure valve stopped. Clive found the pipe that had split just a small tube that I replaced later.
The car then turned off the pollution warning light and the engine management light and now runs like a new car.
The difference before and after is amazing I am sure economy and emissions will be better but all I am interested in is my car now runs beautifully and I strongly recommend you have this treatment asap if you drive a diesel car. It can certainly cure problems but why wait prevent the problems now.
My problems before Terraclean were;
Engine management light on.
Limp mode running, would not rev above 3000rpm.
No pressure through exhaust.
Blocked DPF.
Pollution warning light on.
Poor starting.
Exhaust fumes in car.

After Terraclean.
Engine smooth and running perfectly since treatment with no warning lights. All Perfect and a very happy customer who who is delighted to recommend this product, Thanks Clive and Terraclean."
Gary - Facebook Comment

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